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December 9, 2013
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---------------------------------------------------------------Gablade's P.o.V.-------------------------------------------------------

    "Ugh, my head is pounding. What happened?" The Ralts looked around the burnt forest, seeing only the burnt trunks of Flint Forest. "Oh, right. Wait! Where's Sapphire?" Gablade looked around, seeing no 'mon anywhere. All there was, was the leaves on the ground, no flash's of colorful fur anywhere, no matter how long he looked. "Hah, oh well, I guess I should go back to Talia. I won't be able to do this without her. I'm nowhere near strong enough" The little Ralts looked around one more time, then started to walk back to Sabri Central.
-------------------------------------------------------------------Sapphire's P.o.V.----------------------------------------------

    The three tailed Vulpix ran, she ran as far as she could, until she came upon a mountain. "Where am I?" she asked herself. The tall ominous rocks, stood about three Girafarig's tall, each standing on each others backs. It wasn't that tall, only about a Girafirig tall, but to the little Vulpix, it seemed that tall. She looked at the mountain, that seemed a sheer drop and tried to see the top, it was in vane. Clouds circled the top of the snow topped mountain. There were many sharp rocks sticking out of the ground. There were lots of caves, as well. "Maybe I could hide in one of these caves" The Vulpix looked around, and saw a little cave, not very little, about the size of a Lilligant. 

    She started to walk in, when her paw hit something metal. "Hmm?" she quietly said to herself, as she looked down, and saw a little key. She bent down to get a better look at it. It was a usual old key, nothing special, she picked it up anyways. She might be able to sell it, or find any Pokemon, who might be missing it. 

    As she walked into the cave, she found about, two more keys, just sitting there. She picked those up as well, now she had three keys in her mouth. "Ugh, if I find anymore, I'm going to need something to put these on" she thought to herself. She then remembered some vines outside of the cave. She quick ran out, and into the forest from which she cam from, and yanked down a vine. It came off with a slight pull. She then went to work putting the keys on the vine, a little hard, since she didn't have hands, just paws. The job was done in about ten minutes. "I shouldn't tie this yet, just in case I find more" 

    She padded back to the cave she was just in, and saw two more, that weren't there before. Something was wrong, but she picked the closest one up anyways, and put it on the string. She went to the second one, and a Pyroar came out from behind a rock, and pounced on her. 
    "What are you doing here?" the female Pyroar asked. She had leaped on Sapphire, so she was on her back, and a giant paw on the tiny Vulpix's chest. It wasn't pushing down, just hard enough to keep her there.

    "I'm just looking!" Sapphire lied to the Pyroar.

    "For what?" she asked, her tone letting up a little, from the harsh one before.

    Sapphire thought quickly, "Th-these keys!" she somehow managed to think of.

    "Hmm, and who do these keys belong to" she said, sounding slightly cocky.

    "What do you mean?" The Vulpix looked at the Pyroar above her.

    The Pyroar gave a laugh, "You're not looking for these keys. You are here to take our territory! Now where are the Ninetales! That's quite low of them to send a Vulpix, to do their dirty work!"

    "What are you talking about! I'm not with any Ninetales! I'm not with anybody" Sapphire's tone went down as she said that last part, and a tear went down her cheek as she said, not realizing it til now, that she was alone. 

    "You're lying! I'm taking you back to the boss!" She said, now angrier. The Pyroar lowered her head, and reached for the Vulpix's scruff, to carry her by. Sapphire thought quickly, then used Extrasensory on the Pyroar, to remove her, and it worked, as the psychic power attacked the Pyroar, Sapphire had the chance to escape. As she ran out, she grabbed the fifth key, in her mouth. 

    She ran out of the cave as fast as she could, heading towards Sabri Central. "I don't wanna be alone anymore!" she cried to herself, as she ran back home, to Talia and the Ralts.
---------------------------------------------------Talia's P.o.V.----------------------------------------------------------

    The Dratini had reached Sabri Central, after she saw her Vulpix partner run away. She hadn't noticed that Gablade was gone, not until she got back. "Where is that silly Ralts" she asked herself. 

    She slithered around, looking, when instead, she found a Bisharp. It walked up to her, and relayed a message of keys and transporting the outlaws. "Transport the outlaws?" the realization, of the outlaws she turned in, sunk in. A tear went down her cheek, knowing she was going to need Sapphire for this job. "What happened to her?" 

    She then saw a familiar figure of Gablade walking up to her. He gave a small smile, then collapsed. "Aah! Gablade!" Talia slithered over to him, and saw burns on him. She wrapped him in her tail, and carried him to a berry farm, and asked the Aipom working there to borrow some Rawst berries. At the first asking, he said no, seeing no need for the berries. She then showed him Gablade, and he went to grab a basket. The Aipom came back with a basket of five berries, two Oran and three Rawst berries. 

    "Thank you" Talia thanked the Aipom.

    "Do you know how to mix them?" The Aipom offered, about to take one of the berries out, to show her.

    Talia nodded, "Yes, I'm in the Healer Faction, I would hope I would know how to do that, at least" she joked.

    The snake-like Pokemon took the basket in the tip of her tail, and started to slither away from the berry farm. She slithered home, put the basket down, and found a mixing bowl. She found a mixer, a heavy, small rod, to mix berries with. She put all the berries in the bowl, leaving a Rawst berry out, having a feeling, she might need it. When all of the berries were mixed she slithered over to a cupboard, and got an applying brush. Memories flooded to her, as she remembered using this on Sapphire, for numerous injuries, none too severe. She smiled, as she remembered the bouncy Vulpix, and a tear ran down of the pink Dratini's cheek. She shook it away, shaking her head back and forth. She went back over to the Ralts, lying, unconscious, on an extra bed, in case they ever had visitors. 

    When Talia started to apply the medicine, Gablade didn't flinch, or move. A little bit of panic went through the snake. She bent down, and did hear a heart beat, she sighed in relief. She continued to apply, until all of the wounds were covered, which was pretty much his whole body. 

    He didn't awake, so he left him a note saying, "Went to find Sapphire, be back soon. Hopefully" 

    She slithered out of the house, and looked around Sabri Central. She was slithering around, seeing some teams carrying unconscious Pokemon around. "Guess those are outlaws" she giggled to herself. She turned her head and saw a flash of orange-red fur, that quickly went behind a building. Seeing that, she slithered over to the building. 

    When she rounded the corner, she saw a Vulpix sitting there, crying. She started to slither over to it, her scales scraping the ground. The Vulpix's ears focused, and swiveled a little, too face Talia. It did not move it's head, as though to hide its identity. 

    Suddenly she jumped on Talia, but it quickly turned into a hug, the eyes of the Vulpix still closed. A familiar voice emerged from the Vulpix, "I'm so sorry!" 

    Talia just sat there at first, then wrapped herself around the Vulpix, embracing her in a hug. Sapphire was crying into Talia's hug.
Wow, this took forever! It was worth it though. Sapphire is back with Talia :)
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Well, that was a nice long story! :D I dont quite understand the significance of it, although I suppose it will all conjoin together after in your next story. (which is probably side mission 2) Keep up the good work, and please explain the significance of Sapphire running away. XD I am slightly confused.
flygirlll26262 Dec 10, 2013   Artisan Crafter
:) Well, I don't know if I will yet :p
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